"Ideas become reality!"

Desert Eyes
Art Project

In the middle of Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, an art project rises to four meters high. The walk-in dome reflects the environment with its metallic surface, a symbolic construct of a dialogue between nature and technology. Generated from digital tools and methods, a framework made of wood, mirror foil and embedded tubes emerges. During the day, sunlight breaks through the pipes and sculpts bizarre patterns in the dome’s dark interior space. The inner 360° experience continues through the night with an interactive lightning concept. Together with the element of sound design, the user sinks into a new experiential dimension. Emotion fuses with technology. They find a mutual connection in the Desert Eyes Project.

Concept Renders honoured by the Burning Man 2017 committee.



Burning Man

Sand spreads over barren landscape for miles. Around 70,000 visitors transform the desert into its own cultural cosmos. The Burning Man Festival is one of the most famous art festivals in the world. Well-known supporters like Elon Musk cause attention far beyond the borders of the art scene. The Desert Eyes Project has the great honour to be the only German team granted funding by the Burning Man 2017 committee to build their vision in the desert.


University of Applied Sciences

The project is directed by two Masters students of the Hochschule Ostwestfalen–Lippe, Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture. Together with a team of 3 other classmates, they focus on the constructional details of the project. A group of students from other faculties on the Lemgo campus support them. The media-team, consisting of four students in media production, power the public appearance and creative presentation of the project. Five students in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science develop the interactive lighting concept. Other team members outside the student body also help to contribute their skills and knowledge to the project. Various individuals come together, find expression in committed teamwork and let the Desert Eyes energy grow. The „Detmold Campus Agency“ supports the students with their activities.